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Restaurant design has always been a multi-faceted machine with so many considerations to be made. Two of the most important concepts include:
1) Space planning in order to craft functional and productive layouts while persuading an intended relationship between patrons; and
2) Color application to enhance appetite and augment appealing presentation of the dishes.

Trattoria Mercatto by Munge Leung

At Hatch, we have a strong interest in hospitality design and hope to work creatively in this industry in the future. So, we’ve been doing a bit of research into trends in restaurant design and this is what we are finding.

Lighten Up
Many restaurants are moving towards a lighter and brighter atmosphere. Dim restaurant environments are almost a thing of the past with the incorporation of lighter surfaces and large windows.

Aria Ristorante by SRP Architects

Interiors are going neutral. Designers are using natural colors to create environments that are not only comfortable but also classic. There is definitely a return to the earth with the infusion of rustic wood and natural stone elements.

Canoe Restaurant and Bar by Anacleto Design

Don’t Forget the Past
We are paying homage to our roots. Historical elements, whether ornate or industrial in detail, are making a huge impact on hospitality design.

La Societe by Munge Leung

Interesting Fixtures
Lighting is always key to the design of any restaurant, but right now, the light fixtures have centre stage. Full of impact, the lights are always thoughtfully considered and showcased in sculptural, organic, or geometric forms.

Canoe Restaurant and Bar by Anacleto Design

Texture and Shadow
Wireframe or cut-out design is big, big, big right now and most definitely influenced by the world of fashion. The trend of sculptural 3-D form is also still going strong and provides a dramatic backdrop when dynamically lit.

BLD Restaurant by 1point0

We are seeing a haphazard way of applying finishes. It’s almost done with a “do-it-yourself” attitude absolutely influenced by the use of reclaimed, repurposed, and reused items.

Glow by Makay Wong
Trattoria Mercatto by Munge Leung

» We want to raise the bar for hospitality design in the Okanagan. If you plan to open a new restaurant or have one that needs an update, contact Hatch Interior Design located in Kelowna, BC – Inspired Interiors for a Modern World.