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Design Process for Canmore Family Eyecare by Hatch Interior Design

    Our Canmore Family Eyecare client has a wonderful, retro flair. What better way to compliment her style and set her optometry clinic apart from her competition than with a fresh, retro modern space? Want to learn about our design process for Canmore Family Eyecare?

    The Inspiration

    Our finish palette was inspired by linoleum, fabric and laminate colours from the 60’s; olive green paired with black, white and a natural dark brown wood tone. Our designers brought in a marble laminate reminiscent of the marble topped coffee and dining tables that were popular in this era. And last, but definitely not least, we looked at how we could incorporate the crazy geometric patterns so significant to the 60’s in a way that wouldn’t be too literal.

    Design Process for Canmore Family Eyecare by Hatch Interior Design
    Reminiscent of your grandmother’s kitchen? Our palette is a modern take on a blast from the past.

    Translated Inspiration

    The open floor plan holds the retail area, a fitting area and reception. Eyewear displays are a mix of furniture pieces with turned legs and wall mounted fixtures highlighted by simple profiled and painted frames; no pun intended. Period light fixtures were selected for ambient and feature lighting, most with a black finish.

    Design Process for Canmore Family Eyecare by Hatch Interior Design
    The lighting fits into the modern retro theme and was designed to effectively highlight product in the retail area while providing just the right amount of light throughout the space.

    Kelowna has a number of neighbourhoods that were built in the 60’s and many of the those that haven’t had a major overhaul have decorative concrete blocks incorporated in their fences, carports and outdoor entry areas. This was the perfect way to introduce a subdued and 60’s inspired pattern with a material that was prevalently used during that time. You would think that you can find these lovely patterned blocks at any home improvement store, but not so. After hours of calling all over Alberta and British Columbia the blocks were finally located in Revelstoke. Our client hauled a trailer all the way there, loaded up the bricks and brought them back. Wow – talk about dedication to the project! We are all very grateful that she did; the blocks add a graphic element that provides just enough division between spaces in the clinic, and a really cool background for Canmore Family Eyecare’s fantastic sign.

    Design Process for Canmore Family Eyecare by Hatch Interior Design
    The decorative concrete blocks were the perfect, subtle motif to add that finishing touch.

    This project was a lot of fun to design; putting a modern twist on the retro theme left our client with a space that is unique to the Canmore, AB area which helps to differentiate it from other optometry clinics. Want to see more? We have more pictures of this space in our portfolio.

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