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For decades granite has been the material of choice for luxurious countertops. However, in recent years granite has suffered a bit of a setback with quartz materials such as Caesarstone or Silestone gaining momentum (especially in the modern community). Why is this? Well, man-made quartz offers a variety of positive features: the sample always matches the final product, it doesn’t crack under heat, it doesn’t need to be sealed, in many cases it’s made of recycled materials, and of course for the variety in colors, textures and styles.

Although the clean look of man-made quartz products (especially those mimicking the look of concrete or recycled glass) is extremely desirable, granite still has a place in modern interiors. Recently I stumbled upon a number of unique slabs at Hari Stones in Kelowna, BC. There are slabs that mimic the shell of a turtle, layers of a sand dune, a cracking desert floor, a creamy latte, or even the northern lights. These are the granite slabs that appeal to modern tastes – those with large-scale markings and occlusions, clean patterns, or soft textures. If you love granite and want the unique look of natural stone, search for the slab that looks like art – the one that would be a shame to cut down.

We’ll Help You Find Your Perfect Slab

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