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Grouse River Kelowna Retail Design by Hatch Interior Design
A topographic ceiling is the focal point over the optics counter and allows for a central division between the hunting and outdoor sections.

    Well readers, it’s been TWO years since we started this project, but we’re thrilled to finally show you the results of our effort. Tadaaaa! Our interior design for the flagship location of Grouse River, an established, locally owned and operated hunting and outdoor store based in Kelowna, BC.

    We know that the team at Grouse River are beyond happy with their new 17,000 sq. ft. retail store design, but equally important, so are their customers and suppliers. And why wouldn’t they be? They can now work and shop in a store that not only displays the products in unique ways, but that is so entirely different than any other hunting store we’ve been in. Through the design and construction process, one thing was clear to us at Hatch – Grouse River aspires highly to bring something better to their clientele. We think they’ve done it.

    Cash Desk and Custom Stone Light Fixtures for Grouse River Kelowna Retail Design by Hatch Interior Design
    A modern-rustic design style is developed through the free-flowing slatted cash desk with live edge wood top and custom stone pendant light fixtures.

      A couple of years back, Grouse River came to us with a request to reinvent their image with a shiny new retail design. They’ve long been known, both online and locally, as a leading hunting retailer, but their interest in expanding to outerwear, camping and hiking meant that it was time to grow. A new, modern building proudly designed by Meikeljohn Architects under the commission of (Landmark Tower Developer) Al Stober Construction had already been initiated, but the interior design was a blank canvas. Enter Hatch Interior Design.

      Custom Kiosk and Retail Displays for Grouse River Kelowna Retail Design by Hatch Interior Design
      Custom internet kiosks allow customers to serve themselves while providing functional display space. Specialty designed sleeping bag displays allow for efficient display of multiple products.

        Our Registered Interior Designers worked closely with Grouse River to determine a floor plan that would lead people throughout the store in a functional way, but that would also appeal to two very different client profiles – the hunters and the fitness/outdoor enthusiasts. After a number of brainstorming session, we formulated that the hunting section needed to be much more utilitarian while the outdoor section needed to be more dynamic.

        90 Foot Long Firearms Display for Grouse River Kelowna Retail Design by Hatch Interior Design
        An undulating, 90′ long firearms area allows for maximized display of product and a dramatic punch.

          Now typically when you envision a hunting store, images of log structures and camouflage probably come up. Well, not for Grouse River. Our Client was inspired by the West Coast modern design style, so they asked us to create a modern, yet warm and approachable space to highlight their wide range of outdoor products. Our designers took that baseline concept and really ran with it by translating the layering affect that you see in nature through to the built environment. For more on the concept development, check out our earlier blog post. We will also be posting a full range of project photos soon in our commercial interior design portfolio.

          Raised Lounge and Window Display for the Grouse River Kelowna Retail Design by Hatch Interior Design
          A canopy of light sparkles through the glass corner drawing attention to the custom tree displays and pebble lounge bench.

            The new Grouse River flagship showroom might have a “complete” check-mark on our project folder, but psssst…we’re already working on something new for them and can’t wait to show you what’s in store this year.

            Custom Raised Footwear Section Defined by an Organic Faux Rock Wall for the Grouse River Kelowna Retail Design by Hatch Interior Design
            A custom raised footwear section is definied by an organic faux rock outcrop fabricated by Stonemakers North.

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