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Airbnb-by-Interior-Design-Fair-and-Gensler - Hatch’s Interior Design Predictions For 2014
The new Airbnb HQ by Interior Design Fair and Gensler features rooms that model eight of their apartment listings. We predict more home-away-from-home concepts for commercial interior design in 2014.

In 2012 and 2013 commercial interior design was all about the vintage-industrial and corporate kindergarten concepts. These standout concepts were widely applied to just about any type of commercial interior. We featured many, many projects that fit either one of these descriptions, sometimes they were a combination of both. We expect that this will quickly change, how many more eclectically designed tech companies do we need out there? Want to know Hatch’s Interior Design predictions of 2014?

Feel at Home…While at Work

As mentioned above, we believe the vintage-industrial and corporate kindergarten era is coming to an end; these concepts have been applied to some pretty fantastic projects over the past couple of years and now it is time for something new. Please! But there was something quite noticeable about these spaces, something that we think will live on and inform the next big movement; the use of residential-like furniture and finishes here and there added an element of being comfy-cozy in the workplace.

Skype HQ by Blitz - Hatch’s Interior Design Predictions For 2014
Blitz‘s design for Skype HQ is an example of an industrial corporate kindergarten and it’s done really well. For 2014 we expect to see this overwhelmingly popular design trend taper off, but expect to see the residential influence expand in our workplaces.

One of Hatch Interior Design’s predictions for 2014 is a movement away from the vintage-industrial and corporate kindergarten, and embracing a home-away-from-home concept with interiors that look more like our living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. Like it or not, most of us spend a good amount of time at work. Shouldn’t we feel comfortable there? This type of concept also creates a commercial interior that existing and potential customers will feel comfortable in.

Airbnb by Interior Design Fair and Gensler - Hatch’s Interior Design Predictions For 2014
A view from the atrium space in Airbnb‘s HQ by Interior Design Fair and Gensler looks like the outside of a condo building.

Artisan Appreciation and Local Love

ar•ti•san /ˈärtizən/
1. a worker in a skilled trade, esp. one that involves making things by hand.
synonyms: journeyman, artificer, craftsman

For 2014 Hatch predicts a movement towards quality, locally handmade products in commercial interior spaces. The benefits of this approach are far reaching and mean a lot to our communities. We predict that this will continue to gain speed and that the value of quality, handmade products will start to replace at least some of the cheaply mass manufactured items shipped from overseas. It’s a movement that we are starting to see everywhere; our food, our clothing, our skin care products… this is definitely a no-brainer prediction.

Micro Bar Bites taps by Street Leaf Design - Hatch’s Interior Design Predictions For 2014
Micro Bar Bites in Kelowna, BC, commissioned locally owned and operated Street Leaf Design to create beer tap handles that accommodate their changing draft selection.

The focus on a more collaborative approach to design allows for interior designers to work directly with their local artists to produce one-of-a-kind, distinctive pieces that can only add to the uniqueness of a commercial interior. That is the goal of a successful brand after all.

We see this happening in a variety of different mediums and applications. Custom paintings or sculpture, accessories and decor, furniture, signage… the list could go on and on.

Aunaray Carol Clusiau_The 27th Kalamalka - Hatch’s Interior Design Predictions For 2014
Hambleton Galleries has lent Hatch Aunaray Carol Clusiau’s beautiful triptych painting entitled ‘The 27th Kalamalka’. It’s the perfect addition to our newly completed boardroom.

Fashion Fuel

Ever notice that what’s hot on the runway slowly starts to trickle into interior design? From what we’ve seen there are a few fashion trends we predict will find their way into commercial spaces this year.

The 2014 fashion previews are all about risk. The rebirth of grunge is upon us… yes, grunge has already started its comeback. But, like the return of any recycled style, it has a twist. It is punchier than what we experienced in the 90’s with a bit of a biker quality. Add some bold plaid and a bit of leather and voila! You’ve got a new age glam grunge that is funky, sexy and full of attitude; definitely material to inspire the right interior design project.

Grunge-from-Fashion-Blog - Hatch’s Interior Design Predictions For 2014
An overview of the glam grunge style as posted by Fashionista on her fashion blog.

We are also seeing a lot of sheers over solids or patterns and are excited by the influence this fashion trend will have in commercial interior design. On the runway the sheer is playfully obscuring bold fabrics or bare skin creating a sophisticated and flirty effect.

Sheer Fashion Trend from Beyond the Row - Hatch’s Interior Design Predictions For 2014
Examples of sheer on the runway as blogged by Taylor Barringer on the Beyond the Row blog.

Camping anyone? Might the hiking boot, lumberjack jacket, wool sock, campfire trend make it’s way into our interiors? It is a possibility for sure. Anyone who attended IDS West’s 2013 show would have seen the Rollout bar in its ‘Cabin Living – Remixed’ theme. The insurgence of the telltale plaid is one way we see this popping up in workplaces.

Rollout Bar - Hatch’s Interior Design Predictions For 2014
The Rollout bar at IDS West 2012 exemplified the camping concept by incorporating cabin inspired custom wallcoverings.

We are looking forward to seeing what the interior design world brings us in 2014 and expect to see the predictions mentioned above realized in some creative and interesting ways. But we aren’t done with predictions yet! Our next post will outline what we believe 2014 will bring for commercial interior design from a functional standpoint.

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