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Well, maybe I wouldn’t die for these light fixtures, but you know what I mean! Interestingly Niche Modern started by accident. The owners were creating hand blown glass to suit their own tastes, and voila people everywhere were digging it. So, born is Niche Modern! Because each lens is hand blown, there is no piece of glass exactly like the next – each is unique.

An integral part of their collection, Niche Modern offers glass fixtured lights available in single pendant, multi-pendant, chandelier, and even table lamps. Most of the fixtures are available in a number of glass styles and colors including my favorite – “minaret” in plum. But, if you want a really sleek & modern look, check out the 4, 6, and 9 pack fixtures…LOVE ‘EM!

» Want to see what Niche Modern has in store for you, check out their website!