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Nuvue Optometry Clinic Design Concept by Hatch Interior Design
Moulded plywood shelves became the foundation for our design concept for Nuvue Optometry.

We’ve really been looking forward to showing you one of our latest projects, an optometry clinic design for Nuvue Optometry. First, can we just say that this client has been a dream for us? Dr. Brad Almond and his son Dr. Devin Almond have not only allowed us creative freedom, but their fun outlook, sarcastic wit, and lighthearted humor has made this partnership an absolute blast! We think the design concept for the office interior aligns with their energetic approach and we look forward watching ANR Construction bring it to life.

Nuvue Optometry Clinic Design Concept by Hatch Interior Design
An aerial view of the open clinic design.

The Almond team came to Hatch with big plans to open a leading edge optometry practice with an affordable focus and unique interior design perspective. They outlined a few requirements for the interior design: make it work, make it unique, make it cool, make it the best optometry design in Kelowna, and don’t forget the budget. Dream project anyone?!

Nuvue Optometry Clinic Design Concept by Hatch Interior Design
We think it will functional, unique, cool and of course the best optometry design in Kelowna!

If there’s one thing that our client was certain about, it was for the office to function with optimal productivity. Our interior designers worked really closely with Nuvue to ensure that their functional requirements were met. The floor plan is quite open and spacious with a large retail dispensary towards the front, staff spaces in the back, and treatment areas sandwiched between them. The clinic will be outfitted with cutting edge technology so it was ideal that this equipment be visible to a patient moving through the clinic. The pre-test area and contact lens training room have been designed as relatively open spaces to highlight this distinctive characteristic of the business.

Nuvue Optometry Clinic Design Concept by Hatch Interior Design
A view up on entry towards the curved reception design and moulded plywood sign in the distance.

When it comes to the aesthetic design, one thing that resonated with us was that our client preferred curves to square edges. Dr. Brad made a casual remark that he loved crafted wood like you would see on a guitar, and surprisingly, that became the foundation for the entire concept. We came up with idea to form plywood into curved shelves and this motif was developed throughout the space for signage, millwork, and displays.

Nuvue Optometry Clinic Design Concept by Hatch Interior Design
With a contemporary design, curved detailing, and organic forms balanced with a hit of black, the dispensary will appeal to females, males and even kids.

We also worked with Roketto, the creative team trusted with the ever-important logo design, to develop the black, cream, turquoise, and purple colour palette. Roketto was also able to take inspiration from our moulded plywood shelves to develop a simple, yet hip and modern logo.

Nuvue Optometry Clinic Design Concept by Hatch Interior Design
Purple glass? You betcha! There’s purple and turquoise glass featured through this space.

Additional details for the interior design include the introduction of cable displays with pebble shaped shelves in a variety of colours that appear to float throughout the retail area. We think this concept will have so much impact even with it’s simplicity. Curved forms might be a bit new for Hatch, but we’ve succeeded in developing a modern, unexpected interior that will appeal to women, men and even kids. Just what the doctor ordered! (Sorry, had to say it)!

The project is currently in construction with Nuvue Optometry aiming to open their doors in early September, so make sure to check them out!

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