285 Westminster Avenue marks Hatch’s second collaboration with Mission Group Construction, a new rental building located in Penticton, BC. The masculine elements of the Architecture inspired the interior of the space and Hatch worked to bring a similar style indoors to unify the interior. Intentionally bringing in elements of warm, deep tones to contrast with the contemporary clean marble, concrete textures and angular shapes. 
The two story lobby had an expansive wall that is clearly visible from the bustling Westminster Ave. Wanting to ensure that every tenant felt right at home as soon as they approached, the ‘Welcome Home’ sign was born, becoming the perfect statement piece. The dark, patterned wallcovering provides functional properties and a bold contrast to the bright and light palette throughout the rest of the lobby.
The unit interiors were inspired by the modern day warehouse loft. The units needed to feel warm, cozy, and welcoming. Special consideration was made in the selection of the materials so the units felt connected to the rest of the building while remaining neutral enough for each tenant to use as a backdrop for their personal taste. Pairing charcoal cabinets, heavy grained wood looks and soft marbles were the perfect combination.

Contractor: Mission Group Enterprises

Photographer: Lipsett Photography Group

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