Looking to relocate your business and want to incorporate a strong brand identity? Freshgrade Education Inc. is a rapidly growing Tech company that chose to relocate to the highly sought after Okanagan Centre for Innovation in Kelowna, BC. Freshgrade’s educational resource to increase communication between teachers, parents, and students is quickly showing up in schools across North America and the corporate office needed a space to meet their growing needs.

The space plan for this office needed to be highly efficient to allow for different departments to work well within an open office concept. A highly collaborative effort between Owner and Designer allowed the optimal space plan for this company’s specific and continuing growing needs. The groupings of different departments, flex rooms to allow for future growth, a large staff room for socialization and team meetings, and “phone booths” for staff to take private phone calls, all contribute to this highly functional space.

Hatch took great lengths to incorporate Freshgrade’s educational brand throughout the office, while making each space highly usable.  The playful Waiting Area equipped with swings, a park bench, lamp posts and carpet tile representing grass, is a creative spin on the school playground.  Post it notes adhered to the walls in the phone booths double as artwork and a writting surface for staff if they should need to make notes while making a phone call.  The “cube wall” in the Staff Room, adds a pop of color in the room, while serving as seating for large team meetings.  With breakout areas and multiple spaces for collaboration, this office has no shortage of space to keep the Freshgrade team’s creative minds evolving.

General Contractor: Sawchuk Developments
Project Consultants: Falcon Engineering, Rocky Point Engineering, Sticks + Stones Design Group
Photographer: Lipsett Photography Group

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