Whether you are opening a new restaurant or renovating an existing location, we can help!  We ran this from the beginning right through to the final chair being pushed in and the open sign flicked on.  Throughout the design process, we worked closely with the client and his team to first and foremost ensure that the functional aspects were met – both for client facing and staff areas – to then perfect the finishes and details that define the Jammery’s second location.

There are many considerations that go into a new restaurant behind the scenes.  A key part of design is ensuring building code compliance, all while striving for the most efficient layout in coordination with commercial kitchen consultants to develop the best kitchen to seating ratio. Different seating types and zones for varied dining experiences were incorporated to appeal to the widest range of clientele. We achieved this by creating visual separations with built-in benches and booth seating, and maintaining one large open area with freestanding furniture to be reconfigurable as needed.

One of the greatest challenges on this project was developing a design that relates to their first location, but that presents as a contemporary take on a tried and true classic. We love coming into a new project that already has such a presence in the local community, (if you live in the Okanagan you know!) providing creative design ideas to help their branding evolve. This project features soft colourful accents in varied material types throughout; soft turquoise wainscoting, warm wood lattice, finely detailed tile and a take on a classic dining chair are a few of the components included to create this beautiful space that is a nod to a quintessential grandma’s house with a modern twist – grandma-chic if you will!

The original Jammery location has a large retail area for their famous in-house made jams, and a variety of specialty teas and teapots, as well as small gift and souvenir items. Creating an area to sell the jam, tea and teapots was important to include in this location, so our team carved out an area adjacent to the entry and incorporated a small waiting area as well. We also created alcoves above some of the bench seating throughout the restaurant to display local artwork – one way that the Jammery helps support its community. If you love a good breakfast with all the fixings (their waffles are the best – with their jam of course!) The Jammery is your go-to for a great meal.

Contractor: Lazer Construction Ltd

Photographer: Lipsett Photography Group

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