Nuvue Optometry

Opening a new business? Doctors Brad and Devin Almond came to Hatch with big plans to open a leading edge optometry practice with an affordable focus and unique interior design perspective. They outlined a few requirements for the interior design: make it work, make it unique, make it cool, make it the best optometry design in Kelowna.

If there’s one thing that our client was certain about, it was for the office to function with optimal productivity. Our interior designers worked closely with Nuvue to ensure that their functional requirements were met. Our client made a casual remark that he loved crafted wood like you would see on a guitar, and that became the foundation for our concept. We formed plywood into curved shelves, a motif that repeats throughout the space for signage, millwork, and displays.

General Contractor: ANR Construction
Logo Design: Roketto
Photographer: Grant Robinson Photography
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