Are you in need of fitness facility interior design services? Our team was hired by Optimiiize to help plan and design their space in The District in downtown Kelowna, with an end goal to create a space that felt energetic and a step above the typical gym experience.

Hatch’s first task was to help determine the proper amount of square footage Optimiiize required to support all of their services – Nutrition • Fitness • Health. It was determined through a quick feasibility study that the first space they had in mind was too small, so our client was able to make an informed decision and sign the lease on a larger space that met their needs.

The interior is bright and light, with accents of warm wood leading from the sleek storefront into the reception and changerooms. Optimiiize wanted to create a unique experience for their clients that matches their unique offerings by providing a more luxurious feeling facility that was welcoming and comfortable in the majority of the space, with a more vibrant atmosphere in the active gym area. Bold blues from their brand are also incorporated throughout the space, accentuating the clean lines of bulkhead that wrap the reception features, and add a pop of colour in the fitness area.

Do you want your fitness facility to be a step ahead? We can help.