Trail Appliances

Are you opening a new showroom or require a major overhaul on your existing one to create the perfect backdrop to your product? Trail Appliances hired Hatch to execute a complete refresh of their 10,675 square foot showroom here in Kelowna, BC

While Trail Appliances existing layout generally worked for the requirements of the Trail team, Hatch provided some floor plan adjustments to create optimal efficiency for staff and customers alike. Relocating some of the sales team members to the upper mezzanine where they were removed from the daily walk in traffic helped create a focused space for them and allowed for more space for the dedicated to customer service sales team on the main level. Integrating Trail brand standards that are successful throughout their multiple other locations, along with some specific functions to the footprint of this store created a well thought out and efficient plan to display Trail’s wide array of appliance options. Important clearances were maintained for customers to test out all products and move easily throughout the showroom in an intentional fashion.

Hatch’s goal was to brighten and refresh the overall palette so that the product popped all while being well integrated into well thought out millwork. With maintenance and longevity in mind, modern finishes and feature lights were added throughout. The design is intentional and eye catching without overwhelming guests with an abundance of bold features. Moving from dark and neutral, this new space’s bright and dynamic design still provides a neutral and timeless background to the quality product that Trail is so well known for.

Photographer: Lipsett Photgraphy

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