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Technological advancement in design software creation is astounding. There are so many amazing programs out there that allow the design community to create photo-realistic 3D renderings of a space before it’s built. It truly is amazing.

We at Hatch Interior Design like to keep on top of new technology, so we have recently decided to seek training on a program that offers quality 3D renderings – a Building Information Modeling (BIM) program.

Now, these new programs are very helpful tools as they allow interior designers to design in 3D while drawing in 2D. So, the benefits are obvious: save the designer time, save the client money, convincingly experience the space before it’s real, simulate design alternatives, and therefore make better design decisions. Generally, a BIM allows the design firm to provide a higher quality service without the added fees. Sounds good to me!

Incorporating the Latest Advances in Interior Design

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