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I received an email that had been circulating and I opened it expecting little, but was awestruck by the ideas being presented. Have you seen the concept for Rio de Janeiro’s Olympic torch? It’s AMAZING!They are calling it a “Solar City Tower” to be built at the crest of Cotonduba Island. Cotonduba island is the perfect location for such an awesome piece of art because it’s visible to all participants and tourists as they arrive whether it’s by plane, car, or boat.

My first impression was that it looked extraordinary – water falling from the sky, but after reading further I learned it has functional and sustainable properties as well. The tower is constructed to capture solar energy, enough to power the entire Olympic city and then some. Not only that, but it’s self-sustainable when it comes to powering it’s own nighttime lighting. The sea surrounding the island supplies the water to power the great waterfall; as the water tumbles it stimulates turbines that, in turn, produce additional energy.

This building is surely going to be a huge tourist attraction as during the Olympics it doubles as the torch. They are also planning to have an amphitheatre, an auditorium, food services, an array of observation areas, and even a platform for bungee jumping! Now I think it’s time to plan a little trip to Rio.

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