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By now, we’ve all been introduced to the sustainable technology of LED lighting. Much like an incandescent or fluorescent bulb, it offers a point lighting system meaning that all light is emitted from a specific point (i.e. the bulb).

Well, a Japanese company called Lumiotec is exploring the technology further. They have advanced the development of a surface LED lighting system, called OLED (organic light-emitting diode). In an OLED, light is emitted from an entire face via a film of organic compounds in response to electricity. These OLED panels are extremely thin (because they do not require a backlight), are lightweight, do not emit any ultraviolet light, are free of harmful substances such as mercury, and of course, like it’s LED counterpart, are extremely efficient.

Now, OLED technology is not necessarily novel; it has been used since 2008 in TV’s, computer monitors, and even mobile phones, but Lumiotec is taking this technology and using it to develop lighting fixtures. The OLED panels are available in a number of sizes and in two different color temperatures – 2800K and 4900K, so both warm and cool lighting options are available. Because it is ultraviolet-free it is easier on the eyes and skin, but it also has excellent color rendering properties that make it suitable for museum applications. Just imagine the possibilities!

LED Technology Promotes Sustainability

A big part of our interior design philosophy centres around incorporating sustainable, environmentally-conscious material choices.

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