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…In the hip, trendy sense at least! The search for a patio heater with high-end style ends here. Have you seen the latest in patio heater design? ‘K Glow’ by Kindle Living keeps visitors toasty at some of the trendiest outdoor spaces in LA and Hollywood! Kindle has gone International with this strikingly sleek design. We especially love ‘K Glow’ with a radiant white light (as shown).

These extraordinary heaters start at $2250 US, are UV and fire tested, can be plugged in or powered via a rechargeable battery pack, and are available with colored lighting that either transitions through the spectrum or is paused as per your preference.

» Set the mood and add drama to your outdoor space with a ‘K Glow’ patio heater by Kindle Living.

  1. genius design. thanks for sharing.

    Comment by branden on May 21, 2010 at 4:17 pm

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