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So you have a wall, and you’ve painted it every color under the sun, but it still makes you yawn. You need some eye candy to spice things up and add impact. Clearly there are a number of things that you could do, but I’m going to focus on a few.

The Work of Francoise Nielly

First off, the obvious answer – art. Now I’m talking about bright, vibrant and unusual. Ever heard of Francoise Nielly? Well, once you have seen her work, you will never forget it. Nielly graphically displays the human form by masterfully applying unusual colors in unexpected ways.

Process 6 by Casey Reas, Maharam Digital Projects

Not diggin’ the idea of art, how about wallcoverings? Before you groan, wallcoverings have come a LONG way since the 70’s. Don’t believe me? Check out this new pattern from Marharam above – I think this one’s going to end up on a wall in my house. There really are thousands of innovative patterns and colors and although it’s quite a durable finish, it’s easy to remove if you get sick of it in a few years.

VortexBloom InterlockingRock PANEL, and Weaver InterlockingRock BLOCK

Ok, ok, so no convincing will ever sway you – you hate wallcoverings. Well, maybe you are looking for something that’s got a bit of texture, some relief. Ever heard of ModularArts? They create 3-dimensional panels that are installed on solid walls like drywall or as semi-transparent walls over regularly placed studs. They definitely come with a price tag, but the wow-factor that they add to a room is worth the investment.

Bringing the Okanagan Some Wall Candy

We can help you bring a bit of wow-factor to your room. We’ll help you find the right wall candy that meets your scope and budget. Learn more about our interior design services, or connect with us.