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Hi, my name is Leigh and I’m a wallpaper junkie. Yes, it’s true at Hatch Interior Design we love a good pattern. We recently installed a gorgeous Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen pattern called Helsinki in our Wilden home. It’s a stunner and we can’t wait to show off the photos!

Oh, oh; I’m hearing groans: “Wallpaper…that’s so 1970”. Well no, that’s not true anymore; wall coverings have been updated to include some amazing patterns and textures, and if installed correctly they are easy to remove if you get sick of them a few years down the road. Don’t believe me? Check out these patterns and see for yourself!

Patterns shown are designed by:
Top photo left to right: Tres Tintas, Nina Campbell, Tres Tintas,
Middle photo (both): Ulf Moritz
Bottom photo: Maharam

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