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So the words ‘decorator’, ‘interior designer’ and ‘professional interior designer’ are synonymous right? WRONG – BIG WRONG! This is a common misconception potentially created by the numerous TV shows aired on home renovation channels. That’s why we’re about to tell you how these titles are very different from one another. Before you hire a consultant for your next project learn how to select the appropriate person. It’s all about asking the right questions to ensure that your project results in success.

Interior Decorators

‘Decorators’ are concerned strictly with the aesthetics of a space. They can successfully stage a room to appear harmonious and pleasing. Typically decorators will help with the selection of fabrics, paints, and furnishings, but they do not have any training regarding building technology, construction, or safety.

Interior Designers

On the other hand ‘Interior Designers’ have received ample training regarding building systems and technology, ergonomics, building safety, environmental issues, construction methods, and design fundamentals. They are qualified by education to combine technical knowledge and design aesthetics to create beautiful, functional spaces. ‘Interior Designers’ are able to coordinate with other industry professionals including Architects, Engineers, and Contractors to ensure that the project is built in a safe and successful manner.

Professional Interior Designer

Now, a ‘Professional Interior Designer’ is again, more qualified. In BC, Professional Interior Designers, called Registered Interior Designers (RID) have achieved the highest level of professional qualification available. This means that they have attained a combination of recognized schooling, ample and well-rounded work experience, and successful testing via the NCIDQ exam to prove their aptitude in the industry.

If you want your project managed and designed by a true professional ask the right questions, learn more about their education, work experience, and testing. Are they an NCIDQ certificate holder? Are they a Registered member of the Interior Designers of Canada?