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We’ve been seeing a trend in North American Interior Design; these days, more is more. What ever happened to the steadfast, tried and true – LESS is more? Recently a colleague of ours forwarded us the press pack for the new Swarovski Crystal Diamond Bathtub. Now if this isn’t excess, we don’t know what is!

Sure it may be alluring with its 44,928 rose colored, sparkling crystals, but what good does that do for the bather? We at Hatch Interior Design are strong believers that form must follow function. What is the function of superfluous excess? Wouldn’t that $35K be better spent on a tub promoting ergonomic design, water or air systems for therapeutic massage, or mood altering lighting programs? Yes, it’s stunning, but for that kind of money, we’re specifying something that not only looks good, but more importantly – feels good!

P.S. Upon further research we learned that this tub has one very appealing feature for us “less is more” folk. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to a charity supporting breast cancer research – hooray!

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