Our Interior Design Service Offerings

From professional office spaces to large retail locations (and everything in between), Kelowna’s award winning, commercial interior design specialists are ready to revitalize your company’s workspace.

While most would consider Hatch a full-service Interior Design firm, taking a project from concept to completion (which we most often do!), we also have a wide range of offerings that can be tailored to suit your business’ particular needs.

  • Feasibility Study – ensuring a space works for you before signing on the dotted line
  • Building Permit Drawings – minimal drawings to get your GC started
  • The Works – we take care of it all
  • Custom Services -Working with you to put together a package best suited for your needs.

Feasibility Study

It can be hard to determine if a space is right for your business. Is it large enough? Too large – can you manage with a portion of the available space? Can it be configured in a way that supports your team and allows daily tasks to carry out in an efficient and effective way? Our feasibility study services allow you to explore the suitability of one or many spaces before you sign on the dotted line.

Deliverables include:

  • In depth programming meeting to understand the requirements of your business; and
  • Basic space plan(s) incorporating your needs into prospective commercial space.

Building Permit Drawings

This package is all about the basics. Even if you have a strong vision for your space and want to stickhandle the overall look with your General Contractor (GC), your municipality will require clear and concise drawings to show life-safety and accessibility requirements are being met. This minimal scope of services was designed for an economical solution to planning an interior and will provide you and your GC with the information required to obtain a Building Permit (BP).

In addition to the deliverables listed in the ‘Feasibility Study’ services above, the scope of work includes finalizing a highly functional space plan, and providing the minimal amount of drawings required for BP application. The remainder of the design work is left in your court to coordinate with your client.

Deliverables include:

  • Those listed in our ‘Feasibility Study’ offering above;
  • Discussion with the Planning Department in your municipality to determine if other consultants will be required and assistance in recommending potential team members and providing drawings for their use; and
  • Minimal drawing set including a cover page complete with Building Code review and floor plan with all the basic information to satisfy the drawing portion of your BP submission.

The Works

So you want it all. No problem! As with the majority of our clients, we’ll work with you through the entire process from initial consult to final construction, because hey, it’s what we do. We’ll start with the programming and space planning exercises outlined in the ‘Feasibility Study’ offering. This will lead into design development, selection of finishes, and concepts for any key feature areas. You will also receive working drawings for building permit, pricing, and construction purposes.

Deliverables include:

  • Complete drawing set and specification document, as well as 3D views. This package will provide what is needed for building permit, pricing and final construction,
  • Building Code review;
  • Furniture, artwork and accessory selection; and
  • Project Administration to ensure the design intent is carried throughout Construction.

Custom Services

The service offerings outlined above are the most common ways that we work with our clients, however we can custom tailor a proposal based on the services you require. Not sure what that is? We can help determine that, too!

Give us a call to set up a complimentary consultation and we can start from there.

Our Qualifications

Hatch delivers creative and functional interior design solutions to help you sell your products and services while strengthening your brand. Our clients are able to obtain the highest standards for environmental sustainability and interior design quality assurance available in North America with our:

  • Registration through the IDIBC (Interior Designers Institute of British Columbia);
  • Membership with the IDC (Interior Designers of Canada);
  • Qualification through the NCIDQ (National Council for Interior Design Qualification).