Commercial Interior Design

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Are you opening a hotel and need someone with experience to help you with the construction process? We can help.

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Knox Mountain Dental

Are you opening a Dental practice and need a design that is functional, efficient, and helps you stand out from the competition?

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4 Paws

Are you planning a relocation to support your growing business? Hatch will ensure your spaces meets your increasing needs, while also considering your companies growth in the future.

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Okanagan Eye MD

Are you planning a relocation to support your growing business? Hatch will ensure your spaces meets your increasing needs, while also considering your companies growth in the future.

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The Shore Dental Centre

Are you expanding your business and need Hatch's help? We were honoured to design our second clinic with this Dentist and loved the vision for Shore Dental's elegant, sleek, and inviting space.

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Are you developing a retail brand and opening multiple locations? We worked with Flora Cannabis to create an interior design concept that could be applied to a variety of commercial spaces while providing their own feel and identity.

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Are you opening a new retail store and want your interior to reflect your brand? BLVD Shoes hired Hatch to ensure that the design of their space, located in Kelowna’s Orchard Park Mall, matched their company’s style making personality.

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Stor-X Kelowna

Are you expanding and looking to strengthen your brand through the interior design of your space? Stor-X Kelowna came to Hatch when they decide to move their showroom into a space that better suited their growing needs.

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Okanagan Animal Eye Care

Have you recently purchased a Commercial property that you are looking to make your own? Okanagan Animal Eye Care enlisted Hatch to make their specialty vet clinic come to life.

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LifeStrength Dental Centre

Are you relocating and feeling inspired with a new vision for your practice? Hatch worked with LifeStrength to provide a fresh aesthetic in a timely manner.

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Tech Office

Is your office tailored to the specific needs of your business and does it help express your company vision? Hatch helped to execute their exact vision.

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Trail Appliances

Are you opening a new showroom or require a major overhaul on your existing one to create the perfect backdrop to your product? Hatch Interior Design was able to help bring their product to life.

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Innovative Fitness

Does your facility motivate staff and clients? The Innovative Fitness franchise opened a location in Kelowna and need a design studio to respect their brand standards and adjust to suit the local market.

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Does your office reflect your companies core values and brand message? Pela needed an office that would grow with their company, while still reflecting their ideology.

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Honce Dentistry

Does your Dental Clinic need a complete overhaul? Honce Dental was ready for a major update to their office to attract new clients and impress their existing patients.

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Is your team growing and in need of a major office expansion? The Colliers International Kelowna branch required a renovation of their office to allow their segregated team to work together on one floor.

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Quaaout Lodge

Are you in need of assistance with your hotel design? Quaaout Lodge and Spa wanted to modernize their suites without losing their heritage.

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Are you in need of fitness facility interior design services? Optimiiize desired a functional, vibrant and energizing facility that was a step ahead of your average gym.

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Source Office Furniture

Are you looking for a refresh of your showroom to properly showcase your product? Source Office Furniture in Kelowna, recently completed a major overhaul to their showroom and engaged our team to help them take it to the next level.

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Hillside Law

Are you looking to relocate your business and need help making the new space your own? Hillside Law Inc. is a Penticton based law firm with Owners who have a desire to stand out from the competition.

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The Nest

Are you looking to house multiple businesses in one space? The Nest is a vibrant office space home to Serviss Wealth Management and McFadden Real Estate and underwent a major transformation as the space was previously home to a...

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Care Dental

Are you moving into a previously occupied space and need help to make it your own? Care Dental moved into a 5000 sq.ft. stand alone building that once housed a restaurant to open their flagship location. This is an...

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Are you looking to open a new business and need help creating a brand unlike your competition? Solstice Yoga Studio is a retreat, unique to any other in the City. Located in the Okanagan Centre for Innovation, its lake...

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NJ’s Organic Hair Salon

Are you looking to open a new business and need help defining your brand to appeal to new Clientele? NJ’s Organic Hair Salon is located in Sopa Square, Kelowna BC and houses beautiful details in a compact space.

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Blenz – Okanagan Center for Innovation

Are you opening a café or restaurant and require help with the interior? Blenz Coffee recently opened a new location in the Okanagan Innovation Centre in downtown Kelowna and hired Hatch to complete a full scope of commercial interior...

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Porter Ramsay

Is your corporate office relocating or expanding? Porter Ramsay LLP; lawyers who accommodate a variety of practice areas, moved into a new building in Kelowna, BC and engaged Hatch to complete the interior design. Their 5000 sq.ft. space is...

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Are you looking to open a new Business and need help turning that vision into reality? Perch is a hidden and unexpected gem located on the rooftop of Kelowna's Okanagan Centre for Innovation and is quickly becoming a...

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Looking to relocate your business and want to incorporate a strong brand identity? Freshgrade Education Inc. is a rapidly growing Tech company that chose to relocate to the highly sought after Okanagan Centre for Innovation in Kelowna, BC....

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Ross’ Gold

Are you planning to franchise and need help developing an interior design standard that strengthens your brand? Ross’ Gold engaged Hatch to assist in opening its flagship location in Kelowna, BC. With a strong brand and well-known product line,...

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Do you have a strong vision for your business' interior and need help to make it a reality? Our SweetLegs client came to us to do just that. A true collaboration, we worked very closely with them on layout,...

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Do you need to revamp and reconfigure your commercial interior? iSight Optometry, located in Kelowna, BC, is an established practice who was in need of transforming their dated interior to make room for an additional doctor and refresh...

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Lakeside Medicine Centre Pharmacy

Have an aesthetic direction in mind for your commercial interior, but need some help to achieve it? Lakeside Medicine Centre Pharmacy in Kelowna approached Hatch with the idea of incorporating old apothecary elements for their commercial interior renovation. We...

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Blenz Coffee Kiosk – Orchard Park Mall

Do you have an upcoming hospitality project? Blenz Coffee hired Hatch for the design of a kiosk located in the Orchard Park Mall in Kelowna, BC. Our team worked alongside Blenz and the Mall to ensure the requirements of...

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Grand Forks City Hall

Renovating your workplace? The City of Grand Forks certainly needed a reno after a fire caused significant damage to the interior of their historic building, so they turned to Hatch for help. For Grand Forks, the goal was to...

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Cask and Barrel

Opening a new business? Cask and Barrel approached Hatch for their new liquor store interior design located in West Kelowna. The owners of the store had varying ideas around what the interior should look like and in the end...

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Il Tavolino Bistro and Gelateria

Opening a new business? Il Tavolino, the brainchild of Alessandro DeAngelis and his wife, interior designer Sarah DeAngelis, came to Hatch in need of our help. Sarah has long been recognized as an award-winning residential interior designer in Toronto...

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Nuvue Optometry

Opening a new business? Doctors Brad and Devin Almond came to Hatch with big plans to open a leading edge optometry practice with an affordable focus and unique interior design perspective. They outlined a few requirements for the interior...

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Grouse River Retail Store

Expanding your business? Grouse River had plans to grow so they called on us for help. Honored with a prestigious SHINE award of merit through the Interior Designers Institute of BC AND a Tommie Silver, our team completed a...

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Grouse River Offices

Expanding your business? When Grouse River took on additional office space to house their growing corporate and sales team they called on Hatch Interior Design to help. This was round two for the Hatch and Grouse River duo, having...

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Orchard Park Shopping Centre Design: Guest Services

Need an update? Orchard Park Shopping Centre had outgrown their current guest service area and sought the expertise of Hatch Interior Design to create two new contemporary kiosks. The highly detailed and expansive millwork pieces flow seamlessly with their...

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Orchard Park Shopping Centre: Custom Furniture

Need an update? Orchard Park Shopping Centre was so happy with the design we completed for their new Guest Services Kiosks that they brought us on for another project – custom furniture design for their public areas.

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Lake Country Family Dentistry

Need an update? Honored with a prestigious SHINE award of merit through the Interior Designer’s Institute of BC, our design team at Hatch implemented a spectacular transformation of Dr. Townsend’s office, Lake Country Family Dentistry in Winfield, BC. In...

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Professional Services Office

Need an update? Hatch Interior Design was retained to complete a new Kelowna office design for a multi-user Professional Services Corporation comprised of Legal, Realty, Mortgage, and Accounting groups. Our Interior Designers set out to create a modern environment that allows for collaboration and future…

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Canmore Family Eyecare

Opening a new business? We helped Canmore Family Eyecare and we can do the same for you. We recently designed this office space for a brand new optometry clinic, Canmore Family Eyecare, in a trendy Alberta mountain town. The...

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The Boutique

Opening a new business? The owner of The Boutique in Armstrong, BC had plans to develop a new classic-contemporary women’s clothing store and and hired our team to help. The Boutique interior design offers a dramatic yet beautiful environment creating a special…