Is your office tailored to the specific needs of your business and does it help express your company vision? This Tech Office had a very specific vision in mind and engaged Hatch to ensure it was executed.

This versatile company wanted a space that allowed flexibility for team members so they could perform their ever changing daily tasks in environments that suited the needs of a particular day. With a twist on a conventional office layout, mixed with touch down stations, this floor plan combines both. A large open work space allows the team to work together at a community table, kitchen island, banquet or lounge seating for days that they require collaboration and inspiration. Bright meeting rooms along the perimeter allow for natural light and access to stunning views off the 6th floor of the Innovation Centre for employees and guests to utilize.

For those times that team members require a quiet space with minimal distractions, a secret door leads to small private offices where focussed work can occur without risk of drop in traffic and interruptions. A custom vinyl graphic adorns the wall into this secret chamber of offices complete with intentional seaming details, so that the door is nearly undetectable unless one knows where to look.

The overall aesthetic of the space is bright and fresh accented by warm wood tones and black accents to create a sleek and comfortable vibe.

Contractor: Sawchuk Developments
Photographer: Lipsett Photgraphy

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