This health clinic was all about location, location, location. On the second floor of ‘The Shore’ building overlooking the lake, Precision Clinic showcases a picturesque view of all Kelowna has to offer.  The interior was designed to bring in as much of this natural light as possible, all the while, maintaining privacy and serenity for its patients. This resulted in a minimalist, clean clinic with sleek features and biophilic accents.

Hatch takes great pride in creating spaces that visually align with the use of the space. Medical clinics can be anxiety provoking, so introducing elements that sooth and moderate elevated emotions are crucial for a successful design.  We achieved this by combining greenery and wood accents with clean white walls, black accents all grounded by a polished concrete floor.

The treatment rooms are flooded with natural light while maintaining privacy with opaque window films and roller shades.  Maintaining that serene natural feel of the clinic, the focus is to minimize overstimulating details, and maximize calming tones and indirect lighting. The millwork is custom suited to fit the needs of the doctors with ample drawer storage with integrated pulls, automated fixtures, and a compact wall mounted computer system.

The client wanted to create a comfortable and upscale space not only for his clients but also for his staff.  All workstations face the lake, maximizing the natural light. They are customized white worksurfaces with a wood look accent edge, designed with ultimate customizability in mind – essential for promoting a healthy working environment. Adjustable features include sit to stand programmable desks at the click of a button, ergonomic task chairs, and articulating dual monitor arms.

Contractor: Chriscan Construction

Photographer: Lipsett Photography Group

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