When Stream Property Partnership approached our team with the opportunity to assist in the revitalization of what is now Bernard Place we jumped at the chance to breath new life into this prominent block of downtown Kelowna.

The entire façade of the building was renovated to provide a design that compliments the surrounding buildings and conveys a modern and professional image, while adding to the interest and character of the downtown area. We broke up the long façade with a variety of finishes, and dedicated a portion of for a custom mural by a local artist. The direction was inspired by the active Kelowna lifestyle and an appreciation for the beautiful surrounding nature and landscape.

The interior second floor space was also revitalized with a modern art deco feeling to match the history of the existing building. Warm wood tones, geometric wall tiles, and black and gold accents bring a reminiscent art deco vibe while still maintaining a modern feeling for any office professional.

Mural: Jomae Arts

Contractor: TI Developments

Photographer: Lipsett Photography Group

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