Are you opening a café or restaurant and require help with the interior? Blenz Coffee recently opened a new location in the Okanagan Innovation Centre in downtown Kelowna and hired Hatch to complete a full scope of commercial interior design services.

In our initial meetings, Blenz expressed that this would be the Okanagan’s flagship location inspired by mid-century modern design. The resulting design utilizes warm wood tones, paired with bright white finishes, polished concrete floor and brushed brass accents to create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere with a nod to mid-century aesthetic. The layout provides a variety of seating options that caters to intimate coffee dates, informal business meetings or study sessions of six or more people, and solo visitors alike.

A large garage door opens into the atrium of the Innovation Centre integrating it seamlessly into the building and allowing for very organic traffic flow into the space. Vast areas of partitions were provided to display artwork through a local gallery. An accordian folding window was installed above bar seating along Ellis St. that opens onto a patio with seating on the other side to bring the outside in during the warm summer months. The custom designed benches brings the mid-century aesthetic to the exterior and adds to the variety of seating options outdoors.

Contractor: TKI Construction
Photographer: Lipsett Photography Group

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