NJ's Organic Hair Salon

Are you looking to open a new business and need help defining your brand to appeal to new Clientele? NJ’s Organic Hair Salon is located in Sopa Square, Kelowna BC and houses beautiful details in a compact space. The warmth of Owner and Stylist NJ Kim is depicted throughout the space with warm wood tones and organic materials, a direct influence of NJ’s desire to have a chemical free environment.

A functional and efficient layout was paramount to fit 4 stylist chairs within the space, while ensuring proper circulation and flow so that Clients feel comfortable and Staff can work effectively. Features such as large windows and high ceilings were taken advantage of to allow the space to feel bright and spacious. Constraints such as large columns and plumbing stacks were concealed and incorporated to enhance millwork and define areas seamlessly.

The Client’s request was to utilize some industrial elements while ensuring the space felt inviting and comfortable. Key components are the feature millwork display, custom gradient stained desk, and live edge styling station.

Contractor: TKI Construction
Photographer: Lipsett Photography Group

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