Are you looking to open a new business and need help creating a brand unlike your competition? Solstice Yoga Studio is a retreat, unique to any other in the City. Located in the Okanagan Centre for Innovation, its lake and mountain views are the perfect backdrop to the soft and serene interior. All details were well thought out throughout the entire design process to ensure that function and guest experience were paramount.

This space is home to two large yoga studios, one meditation room, change rooms, a tea room and staff facilities. Solstice provides its guests with everything they need during class and after, so careful consideration was given for storage of all equipment (yoga mats, blocks, and bands) in the rooms as well as towels and toiletries in the Washrooms. Constraints for coring hole locations for plumbing and electrical required an incredibly precise design to ensure a seamless construction process.

The finishes palette for the yoga studio remained fresh and soft to create a sense of relaxation from the moment one steps in the door. High polished concrete flooring in the common areas transitioning to cork flooring in the studios connect the industrial vibe of the building to the more natural elements within the space. Walnut wood, thoughtful lighting to create a soft ambiance, and overall light materials keep the space modern and peaceful.

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