UBCO’s Nechako Hall is a student residence and services building for which we designed the Pritchard Dining Hall and the Orchard Convenience store. The beautiful building was designed by Teeple Architects and Sahuri + Partners Architecture showcasing dramatic angles, and expansive glass. The Hatch team partnered with both Roodenburg Design Consultants (RDC) and Phred Martin for a holistic approach to branding and interior design. From the programming kick off meeting, right through to opening the doors to the students, we worked closely with the UBCO planning department to ensure both spaces met the functional needs of the high traffic daily use facilities. From there, we collaborated with our branding partners to add that eye-catching pop of a creative aesthetic that leaves a lasting impression fit for this prominent building on campus.

The design concept for ‘The Pritchard Servery and Dining Facility’ was a local market; an energetic space with an eclectic offering of food options inspired by the Okanagan’s history, culture, landscape and agriculture. RDC and Phred Martin developed a colourful and playful brand approach which we supported through application of multiple different finishes on each of the serving stations to emphasize the varied food selections, while infusing a cohesive feel with the ceiling layout and signage to achieve the market vibe. Keeping in step with the keen young adults that use the servery, the whimsical design is meant to foster creativity and out of the box thinking.

The premise of this was to promote inclusivity and spark lasting friendships, especially among the first year students who prominently use the space. Connection was encouraged by minimizing solo seating options and maximizing flexible and varied seating groups. From curving lounge furniture, family style high top tables, booths, and flexible 2 and 4 person cafe tables – all furniture was sourced with meticulous attention to detail so as to perfectly fit the requirements of the hall’s multi-use potential, the students’ everyday use, and easy upkeep for the UBCO staff. The booth seating houses a number of graphic panels that add colour and personality to the space, while providing separation between the dining area and utility corridor adjacent.

The ‘Orchard’ convenience store extends the market theme, combining branding and interior design to bring life and flare into this compact space. It was important that both the dining hall and convenience store felt connected to one another, and relatable to the students and staff.  Through pops of colour, organic wood accents and custom racking to reduce the look of cluttered merchandise, the Orchard Convenience store is a fixture of the new Nechako Hall.

Contractor: Sawchuk Developments

Photographer: Lipsett Photography Group

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