Are you opening a new retail store and want your interior to reflect your brand? BLVD Shoes hired Hatch to ensure that the design of their space, located in Kelowna’s Orchard Park Mall, matched their company’s style making personality.

BLVD is a Kelowna owned and operated fashion forward shoe store, providing unique footwear options to their customers. Their brand is edgy and stylish, and it was important that their interior told the same story. Most importantly, the design had to help sell the shoes and accessories they offer by allowing them to be the feature within the space.

The design for this store was considered from two perspectives. Firstly, the storefront and interior had to help grab the attention of mall-goers, enticing them to enter. Secondly, the interior had to provide a backdrop that allowed their merchandise to shine. The stainless storefront surround with bold BLVD lit signage is eye catching to passersby, and the bold, client-produced colourful graphic on the backwall helps to draw people into the store. The merchandised walls on either side of the store have bright white interior with chrome accents allowing the shoes and other accessories to shine

Contractor: Plan B Contractors Inc

Photographer: Lipsett Photgraphy

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