Are you developing a retail brand and opening multiple locations? We worked with Flora Cannabis to create an interior design concept that could be applied to a variety of commercial spaces and we love how the brand is recognizable from location to location, but how the specifics of each space give different locations their own feel and identity.

The Flora team had a strong vision for their brand – one that a wide demographic could identify with, that created an inviting environment, and that was unique from many similar brands opening at the same time to show their customers what sets them apart from their competition. With eight locations opening across British Columbia, the design had to be easily reproducible and recognizable, and extremely functional.

Our team developed a variety of flexible custom display units to showcase Flora’s ever-growing product lines. The ability to arrange and display small merchandise effectively and securely was a huge consideration for the millwork design, and the end result allows this cannabis dispensary chain to show customers their offerings without theft concerns.

Warm wood tones and wall finishes, polished and exposed aggregate concrete floors, red brick, charcoal and green accents and greenery above the sales counters add a variety of textures that creates a comfortable and welcoming interior. The bolder brick and greenery finishes help to define areas within the stores, guiding customers through the space.

Contractor: BPR Construction LTD

Photographer: Lipsett Photgraphy

Design Consultant: Leigh Blackburn

Location Photos:

Flora #102-1100 Lawrence Ave, Kelowna

Flora #201 3710 Hoskins Rd, West Kelowna

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