Grand Forks City Hall

Renovating your workplace? The City of Grand Forks certainly needed a reno after a fire caused significant damage to the interior of their historic building, so they turned to Hatch for help. For Grand Forks, the goal was to develop a more progressive City Hall interior design that maintained the integrity of the building’s history while considering sustainability. For the Hatch design team, this was music to our ears.

It was obvious to us that the best way to emphasize the beautiful historic detail uncovered by the fire was to develop a contrasting, contemporary space with simple components, materials and forms. We were inspired by the new Grand Forks logo a black and white design with a touch of vintage appeal. It informed many of our finish selections including modernized hexagon tiles and carpet, black and white finishes, locally sourced slag used for concrete countertops, as well as mailbox imagery infused on wood and wired glass – a nod to the post office that originally resided in the building.

General Contractor: Hil-Tech Contracting
Photographer: Lipsett Photography Group
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