Grouse River Retail Store

Expanding your business? Grouse River had plans to grow so they called on us for help. Honored with a prestigious SHINE award of merit through the Interior Designers Institute of BC AND a Tommie Silver, our team completed a jaw-dropping interior design for their new 17,000 square foot retail store in Kelowna, BC. They’ve long been known, both online and locally, as a leading hunting retailer, but their interest in expanding to offer outerwear, camping and hiking gear meant that it was time to grow – and that’s where we came in. Our Registered Interior Designers have worked closely with Grouse River to develop a functional space for their ever-expanding inventory while offering a unique aesthetic style for their new digs.

Now typically when you envision a hunting store, images of log structures and camouflage probably come up. Well, not for Grouse River. Our Client was inspired by the West Coast modern design style, so they asked us to create a modern, yet warm and approachable space to highlight their wide range of outdoor products. Our designers took that baseline concept and really ran with it by translating the layering affect that you see in nature through to the built environment.

General Contractor: Greyback Construction
Developer: Al Stober Construction
Building Architect: Meiklejohn Architects
Engineers: Leslie Engineering, Opal EngineeringROV Consulting
Photographer: Lipsett Photography Group
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