Do you need to revamp and reconfigure your commercial interior? iSight Optometry, located in Kelowna, BC,  is an established practice who was in need of transforming their dated interior to make room for an additional doctor and refresh the overall look and feel of their practice. The palette of neutral tones and warm wood finishes paired with deep blues and copper accents creates a comforting and contemporary interior. The overall result is a bright and fresh space that will stand the test of time from both aesthetic and durability standpoints.

One of the focus areas for iSight’s space was the dispensary required to display a significant amount of product without feeling overwhelming. Custom display pieces were designed to effectively showcase the frames they retail, while also providing some storage for stock. iSight explored the option of off-the-shelf solutions for these displays, however in the end opted for something designed specifically for their space to ensure the units contributed to a cohesive and unified design.

iSight’s logo is attached on standoffs to a white brick tiled wall behind reception and, because of the copper finish and lighting designed to highlight the piece, becomes a focus upon entering the space and helps to strengthen their brand. The logo has also been incorporated in moss as a design feature in their largest frame display. Copper in the pendant lights and white brick applied to an area of the dispensary add finishing touches to this beautiful interior.

Contractor: TKI Construction
Photographer: Lipsett Photography Group

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