The Boutique

Opening a new business? The owner of The Boutique in Armstrong, BC had plans to develop a new classic-contemporary women’s clothing store and and hired our team to help. The Boutique interior design offers a dramatic yet beautiful environment creating a special shopping experience while showcasing clothing of various price ranges to a wide demographic of women.

Royalty was our initial muse, but during construction our client uncovered a historical photo of her great grandmother dressed up, stately, and seemingly well-traveled. This image inspired a new story for the store, one of a well-dressed voyager.

With a small space of only 700 square feet in a 100 year old historical building, we wanted to honour that heritage, but in an uncluttered, modern way. We lined the walls with suspended brass clothing racks and raised feature displays allowing the floor below to remain uncluttered, offering the illusion of space. Feminine elements including a semi-circular change room draped in fabric, a soft pink clay wall finish, and stunning custom 3-dimensional white ceramic art pieces instill ambiance through a dramatic, yet warm interior.

Contractor: Claude Poulin
Photographer: Jason Babakaiff
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