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You know that moment while you are brainstorming and talking through a problem with a colleague and suddenly the clouds part and you realize you have just come up with a great solution? Everything becomes clear and you are able to get to it and make it happen. We had one of those moments while developing the concept of an outdoor and hunting retail store; read on for insight into our process for the inspiration of our Grouse River project.

The Vision

Our client wanted a space that was both contemporary and welcoming, one that was attractive to their already established hunting clientele, but also to the avid outdoor lover who they have expanded their products to serve. They wanted an interior that would not only set them apart from their competition, but one that also drew potential customers in.

Inspiration for our Grouse River Interior Design Project, Hatch Interior Design
Topography maps, rock formations and river banks all exhibit the layered affect that inspired us for this project.

Hatch was enthusiastically up for the challenge. As lovers of the outdoors the thought of designing a retail space that catered to people like us was exciting. So where to draw inspiration from? The obvious answer was mother nature; but how to do that in a fresh and non-cliché way?

The Inspiration

Inspiration for our Grouse River Interior Design Project, Hatch Interior Design
Our Okanagan readers may recognize the top right image; it’s Kelowna’s own Layer Cake Mountain.

We gathered a ton of imagery of mountains, lakes, forests and rivers. Something that we were continuously drawn to were the layers that are inherent in nature. Silhouettes of mountains as they receded into the distance, river beds with shallow shores and deep centres, topographical maps showing the layering of the land, trees behind trees behind more trees in a forest. We had it; these layers are so subtly there everywhere we looked, and we set out to translate the beauty we saw into a really rad commercial retail store.

The (almost completed!) Translation

Our design for Grouse River’s retail space incorporates layers of free form, organic shaped wood slats and sheets, a clean and contemporary colour palette paired with natural wood and stone, custom stone pendant lighting, and a unique floor pattern using resilient material to mimic a riverbed. We also designed a pretty killer ceiling feature; pictures of that to come.

Inspiration for our Grouse River Interior Design Project, Hatch Interior Design
A little sneak peak of the shoe area; layered slats of wood with free form organic edges can be seen throughout the space in fixtures and features. The faux stone outcropping, completed by StoneMakers North, evokes the images of layered rock formations.

Inspiration for our Grouse River Interior Design Project, Hatch Interior Design
Shaw Contract Group’s Haven tile in black was the perfect floor finish for the sales floor, as well as in the offices above. We also designed a riverbed affect for the main aisles using custom cut Marmoleum by Forbo in three different colours.

We cannot wait to show you the finished product; it should be complete within the next month. Stay tuned…

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