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erˆ™goˆ™nomˆ™ics [ur-guh-nom-iks]: the study of the relationship between workers and their environment, especially the equipment they use.

A comfortable working environment makes for happy and productive employees. This concept is not rocket science, we simply work more efficiently when our workstations are designed in a way that fit our bodies. There are many products available for office interior design that allow for flexibility so that whoever sits down at a desk will be comfy while working there.

Office Ergonomics Tips

One of the biggest names in office ergonomics is Humanscale who focus solely on ergonomic office chairs and ergo tools. While they do have a variety of adjustable task chairs, we would like to share a few of our favourite, designed to fit you, tools.

Monitor Arms

As mentioned on their site, there are a couple of great benefits to the movement towards flat screen monitors. They not only save desk space, but they also allow for the monitors to be mounted on adjustable arms. Humanscale offers a variety of arms to suit how you work, whether it be a single, double or more (up to eight!) monitor setup. The arms allow for the monitor to be adjusted to the right height. The top frame of the monitor should be at eye level so that you do not have to look up to see the screen straining your neck and eyes.
Office Ergonomics Tips: Humanscale monitors
Humanscale’s M8, M8 with crossbar and Para/Flex

Keyboard Trays

It’€™s easy to prevent painful carpal tunnel syndrome with the right tool, an adjustable keyboard tray. An articulating tray allows for your wrists to be in the right position as to not put pressure on the nerves causing numbness in fingers. You know how your keyboard sits up on little stands in the back so that the keyboard is tilted towards you? That is apparently not the best position for our hands as we have to bend at our wrists to use it. It is a designed that way because that is how the typewriter was set up, funny how that happens. It is all around better for your posture and wrists to have a negatively tilted keyboard.

Office Ergonomics Tips: Humanscale keyboard
Check out Humanscale’€™s keyboard tray systems, each allows for attaching a mouse pad as well.

Task Lighting

Lighting requirements differ from person to person depending on our age and the health of our eyes. Some prefer to work in a dim environment while others need a lot of light to perform their work tasks. To accommodate all ages and eyes task lighting should be incorporated at workstations, preferably one with a variety of brightness settings.

Humanscale has two new task lights that are not only sleek looking and incredibly easy to position wherever you need it, they are also LED!
Office Ergonomics Tips: Humanscale task lightHumanscale’s Horizon and Element Vision LED task lights

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