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Grouse River Offices by Hatch Interior Design - Employee Productivity
Grouse River understands the value of providing their staff an inspiring workplace. For our second project together we were directed to design an office space that employees would be proud of.

Is your business interior working for you? Do you believe that the intelligent interior design of your commercial space can equate to increased profits? Yes, it absolutely can.
There are many ways that your business’s interior can make you more profitable; today’s focus is your staff and employee productivity. Where would you be without them? They are your biggest asset and can give you a competitive edge.

Happy employees are more productive.

And there is substantial research that proves it. Gensler, a large San Francisco based company, conducts regular workplace analyses in both the US and the UK to determine how the physical environment can support employees and enhance their working experience. What they have uncovered is that a business’s interior can greatly affect how one feels about their job, and even though Gensler focuses on office environments, their findings can easily be applied to any type of business.

On the flip side, unhappy employees cost your business money. Research has shown that unhappy employees are less productive and take substantially more sick days. They are more likely to come in late and complain about their job to whoever will listen, your clients and customers included.

Nuvue Optometry by Hatch Interior Design - Employee Productivity
A lot of care was taken while designing the exam rooms at Nuvue Optometry to ensure that they functioned as required when a client is in the chair.

The Interior Design of your business can help to make or break your employee’s working experience. The following are just some of the ways your space can serve them better:

  • Providing your staff with the tools they need to ensure efficiency in their job allows them to be more productive. A well thought-out and designed space plan that addresses functionality should be of utmost importance when renovating, expanding or moving into a new commercial space.
  • An inspiring, brand-strengthening working environment will communicate that you are proud of your business which will resonate through your staff.
  • Offering access to natural light and views outside raises spirits and creates a friendlier working environment that your employees will appreciate.
  • Ensuring proper lighting and ergonomically designed workspaces will reduce strain on the eyes and body resulting in less time off, less time at the water cooler, and more time making your company money.

Il Tavolino by Hatch Interior Design - Employee Productivity
Hatch Interior Design teamed up with Magpie Interiors for our Il Tavolino project. The result: a modern and industrial take on an Italian bistro with a charm that employees enjoy.

It can be difficult to find and retain good employees, and when you’ve been lucky enough to find a fantastic team member you want to hang on to them. Give them an inspiring space that meets their working needs and make a step in the right direction.

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