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Road 13 vineyards designed by Nick Bevanda of CEI Architecture is a must-see if you’re in Osoyoos.

It’s finally summer and the Okanagan is the destination of choice for a lot of Canadians looking for a warm getaway. As Interior Designers living and working in Kelowna we are often inspired creatively by the area and all it has to offer. We’re going to give you the inside scoop on some of our favorite things and places.


There are so many spectacular vineyards in the Okanagan producing award winning wines. If you love wine like we do, this really is the place to be. There’s something about good wine and food that really pairs well with beautiful landscapes and stunning Architecture. With huge growth in the industry we’re starting to see the wineries really invest in the design of their buildings creating world class environments to showcase their craft.

Okanagan Design and Activities for Visitors - Mission Hill Estate Winery designed by Tom Kundig
The iconic arched entrance at Mission Hill Family Estate Winery designed by Tom Kundig.

Mission Hill Family Estate, designed by Tom Kundig, has long been known as a leader when it comes to winery design and Architecture in BC. The buildings, influenced by Italian design, were intended to enhance the absolutely breathtaking views. Mission Hill really is a magnificent place that we highly recommend to anyone visiting the Kelowna area.

Okanagan Design and Activities for Visitors - Black Hills Estate Winery in Osoyoos designed by Nick Bevanda
A stunning example of contemporary Okanagan Architecture – Black Hills Estate Winery by Nick Bevanda of CEI Architecture.

If modern Architecture and Interior Design is more your thing, Black Hills Estate Winery in Oliver or Road 13 in Osoyoos are the places for you. Both were designed by the talented Nick Bevanda (now at CEI Architecture) and feature use of concrete, steel, wood and glass to create environments that integrate with the surrounding vineyards and Okanagan vistas.

Okanagan design and activities for visitors - Road 13 Winery by Nick Bevanda
If you’re looking for stellar design, Okanagan landscapes, and wine, wine and more wine, check out Road 13 winery in Osoyoos designed by Nick Bevanda of CEI Architecture.


Great meals created with locally grown food and made-from-scratch loveliness while served in a well-designed setting is what we look for when we’re hungry in the Okanagan. There is so much agriculture here that we often wonder why every restaurant doesn’t follow this recipe for success. There are a few restaurants in Kelowna specifically that combine successful interior design with fresh menu items.

Okanagan design and activities for visitors - RauDZ restaurant in Kelowna, BC
For good food, specialty cocktails and a bustling environment, check out RauDZ restaurant in Kelowna.

RauDZ is well-known as a hot spot in Kelowna. The design of the restaurant is classy without feeling pretentious, most likely due to the chalkboard wall full of classic quotes and the communal table that inspires a sense of community. But, I forgot, you’re hungry – the food…mmmm…the food is excellent. They also have a really awesome specialty drink list with unique flavor combinations.

Okanagan design and activities for visitors - Smack Dab restaurant in Kelowna, BC.
If it’s a lakefront patio you’re after on a sunny Okanagan summer day, check out Smack Dab located at the Manteo Resort in Kelowna, BC.

Smack Dab, located in the Manteo Resort, is a new one for Kelowna. We recommend it because the food is all scratch-made and incorporates local products. If it’s a classic Okanagan day and you’re looking to dine in the sun and right on the lake, the Smack Dab patio is a great spot and features the designer favorite K Glow patio heater by Kindle Living. The restaurant interior design is playful with interesting abacus-inspired art pieces and a classy backdrop of bleached timber and warm wood tones.

Okanagan design and activities for visitors - Waterfront Wines in Kelowna, BC
Waterfront Wines in Kelowna, BC offers a paired down contemporary environment and (our favorite design element) a really cool root-ball light fixture.

The recently redesigned Waterfront Wines is a favorite for locals and tourists. Located near the Delta Grand, Waterfront Wines features a local and sustainable menu within a clean and contemporary space. Our favorite feature has to be the custom root-ball light fixture.


The Okanagan isn’t just about food and wine though – there is so much to do here! If you’re into golfing, biking, climbing, hiking, boating, or just being a beach bum we’re positive you’ll love it here during the summer. We find when we’re not in the office there’s no better place than the great outdoors to boost our creative juices. If you’re not super outdoorsy though, we do have a couple places that might ease you into it.

Okanagan design and activities for visitors - Stuart Park in downtown Kelowna, BC
Kelowna’s Stuart park is located waterfront and features a spectacular bear sculpture.

In Kelowna one of our favorite urban-outdoor places has to be Stuart Park. Located right on the waterfront boardwalk downtown, it features a minimalist contemporary design, xeriscaping, and a really awesome bear sculpture by Brower Hatcher of Mid-Ocean Studios. Although we love Brower’s last name, it’s not why we love the park! It is really well designed and a must-visit if you’re in the area.

Okanagan design and activities for visitors - Sparkling Hill Resort designed by Cannon Design
An absolute jaw-dropper, Sparkling Hill resort designed by Cannon Design is a great place to stay if you want to explore hiking trails or hit some golf balls.

Sparkling Hill, designed by Cannon Design, will make every must-see list for the Okanagan guaranteed. The Architecture is remarkable featuring a faceted glass façade that simulates a large gem set upon an exposed rock outcrop. But, we were talking about the great outdoors weren’t we? Well, there’s lots to do up there. If you’re a golfer, Predator Ridge is right next door. There is also a network of trails that surround the property for bikers and hikers as well as a world class spa featuring a cold sauna.


The Okanagan is attracting artistic talent from far and wide. I mean, who wouldn’t want to live here? In Kelowna we’ve recently seen the emergence of the arts with events like Playground or Keloha and the integration of the arts into our business community through conferences like TEDx and Metabridge. If it’s a cultural experience you wish to find, we have a couple places that are all about combining a masterfully designed setting with culture.

Okanagan design and activities for visitors - Bottega Farm Inn and Studio by New Town Architecture
A resort that is dedicated to the cultivating the arts and hosting interesting cultural events, Bo.ttega Farm Inn and Studio is located in Kelowna, BC.

A new addition to the Okanagan, Bo.ttega Farm Inn and Studio designed by the owners with New Town Architecture is actually located on a working alpaca farm. How cool is that? Their value for the arts is apparent in the interior design of the spaces and in their attitude towards to emergence of culture in Kelowna. They offer a really restful environment for anyone interested in accommodations, but what they do well is entertain. There’s always something happening at Bo.ttega; TEDx was among the many events they’ve recently hosted.

Okanagan design and activities for visitors - Nk'Mip Desert Cultural Centre in Osoyoos, BC designed by HBBH Architecture
At Nk’Mip Desert Cultural Centre in Osoyoos you can learn about Aboriginal culture and enjoy unobtrusive sustainable design by HBBH Architecture (now Dialog).

Nk’Mip Desert Cultural Centre in Osoyoos was designed by HBBH Architecture (now Dialog) and combines sustainable Architecture with cultural experience. Featuring the largest rammed earth wall in North America, pine beetle damaged lumber, and even a green roof, the design of this building assimilates within the desert setting. At the interpretive centre you will learn about the local Aboriginal people as well as the geography and native wildlife. If you fit in the “energetic” category, you can also take part in activities such as hiking and even repelling when you visit Nk’Mip.

Okanagan design and activities for visitors - Mission Hill amphitheater.
Mission Hill Winery in West Kelowna, BC has a fantastic outdoor amphitheater where you can take in concerts all summer long.

We should also mention that Mission Hill Winery is really active in promoting the musical arts. Every summer they host a concert series set in their outdoor amphitheater overlooking lake Okanagan. If you time your holiday just right you might get to see a great show. Views, wine, and music – sounds like a great day!

The Okanagan really is the jewel of the West; we hope you’re inspired to take a little holiday and visit. If you do come out this way, we’d love to hear about your favorite Okanagan places and the way they’ve inspired the designer in you.

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