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Ever heard of LiTraCon? Chances are you answered “no”. LiTraCon stands for Light Transmitting Concrete. Yes, translucent concrete! Concrete, a material stagnant in design for so long is now evolving.
Invented by Hungarian architect Aron Losonczi, LiTraCon is produced by mixing concrete and optical strands of glass to create a rock-hard yet transparent block that can be used to construct floors and walls – whatever you want.

And concrete isn’t just evolving via transparency, but in regards to its flexibility as well. Yes, bendable concrete has also been developed through a marriage of concrete and fibre-reinforcement. Not only is it flexible, but also 500 times more resistant to cracking, therefore longer lasting, and 40 percent lighter.

We see huge potential in commercial interior design applications and can’t wait to see this material mature and come to market!

Oh, the world of concrete. Not so boring anymore is it?!