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It’s pretty obvious that at Hatch we’re all about commercial interior design. That’s our bag, our shtick, our specialty – we love it. But sometimes it’s nice to stir the creativity pot and take on a special interest project. Whether it’s creating unique retail window displays, trade show kiosks, re-design for charity organizations, conceptual logo ideas, or even designing a home for a friend or family member these creative design projects test the boundaries of our imagination and keep us on our toes when we’re in between jobs.

Modern Industrial Design Rendering - Special Project by Hatch Interior Design
Early design renderings of our special project – a modern industrial home in Kelowna, BC

    So, when our friend John from Riverview Construction approached us about designing a killer modern/industrial house for him we were all ears. His direction to us was “make it cool, modern, and do what you would want for your own home”; how can you say no to that! Most people aren’t aware, but Rachel, one of our Principals, has a degree in Architecture, so the opportunity to design an exterior allowed her to exercise a different muscle.

    Modern-Industrial was the name of this game. John had lots of ideas and images of houses that he was attracted to, as did we. Here’s a sneak peek of some of the concepts, materials, and generally cool stuff that inspired us through this process.

    Inspiration for our modern industrial design of a home. Project by DeForest Architects.
    The project pictured above designed by DeForest Architects inspired the design of John’s home for us. There was something about the finishes in particular that seemed just right. Warm wood tones mixed with dark grey provided the perfect contrast.

      Inspiration for our modern industrial design and special project.  House designed by Jordan Iverson Signature Homes
      Jordan Iverson Signature Homes captured something modern, but also very natural feeling in this home design. It inspired the introduction of angled, butterfly roof lines within our special project home design.

      Inspiration for our modern industrial design project.  Home designed by Ehrlich Architects.
      It was important to us that the home feel airy and open, but also have strong features. This staircase designed by Ehrlich Architects inspired our design – crocodile staircases are so striking and structured. To us, that was just what the home needed.

        Inspiration for our  modern industrial design. Home pictured by  Jordan Iverson Signature Homes
        We thought we wanted to incorporate some reclaimed wood, but when we saw this dining room wall in a home designed by Jordan Iverson Signature Homes we knew we were incorporating it in some fashion. Plus our client works with wood all day, there had to be a special project for him.

          Inspiration for our modern industrial design project. Design pictured by Capoferro
          If there’s going to be a fireplace, for us, it has to be jaw dropping. This fireplace by Capoferro, although very different than what we designed, was a reminder of this.

            Materials, fixtures, and furnishings that inspired our modern industrial design.
            Just a little sneak peek at a few things that caught our eye for this special project of ours.

              Sneak peek of some finishes for our modern industrial design and special project at Hatch Interior Design.
              We’re going to keep you guessing for now, but here are a few little detail snippets until we have some finished photos to share.

              Stay tuned, this special project of ours is near complete and we are looking forward to showing it to you – butterfly roof, crocodile staircase and all.

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