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What image comes to mind when I say modular housing? I bet it’s not the one you see here. Yes, this is a modular home, gorgeous isn’t it? FlatPak is revitalizing the face of modular housing 8 feet at a time, and you’re bound to see a house or two in Canada…eventually. The most current Canadian location includes a house in Fort McMurray, Alberta.

FlatPak aims to bring affordable modern styling to the masses. Unfortunately for us Interior Designers, FlatPak comes complete with the millwork, pumbing & lighting fixtures, and walls, but don’t worry that doesn’t mean you don’t get to choose. FlatPak is completely customizable; you can determine the size and number of spaces to suit your needs, and they offer a wide range of styles, finishes, and colors – the possibilities seem endless. If all the choices are just too much for you, select from one of their pre-arranged plans.

All of this at only $200-300/square foot, which I would say, is relatively affordable when it comes to such luxury. Seriously, I’ve looked for downfalls of this system, and there aren’t any! Who wouldn’t want a house that looks this cool, can be built just about anywhere, and assembled in only a matter of days – yeah, days?

» Don’t take my work for it, check out the FlatPak website and see for yourself!