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I recently stumbled upon a company that’s doing some really interesting things with glass. Ever heard of magnetic glass? No? Me neither…until now, that is. GlasPro in California has just introduced their line of magnetic glass. How awesome is that?! I’ve been waiting for a revolutionary product like this. Imagine the possibilities. Office and educational spaces have just become more beautiful and functional. This glass is extremely versatile with three functions in one: a dry erase surface, a projection surface, and now a flexible display surface.

Ok, so I thought magnetic glass was cool, but imagine this: privacy glass that changes by the flip of a switch. The glass in the “off” position appears to have a film or opaque texture, in the “on” position it is 100% clear. Seriously – this is cool; futuristic, really. Suddenly glass has become very exciting!

Opportunities for Use in Commercial Spaces

Can you see your office, boardroom, or conference room using GlasPro magnetic glass? The privacy it affords is awesome, and the novelty factor is pretty cool, too! We’d love to integrate something like this on your commercial interior design project.

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