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Have you ever heard of Kirei Board? If not, you should get accustomed to hearing the name. Kirei Board, made by Kirei USA, is making quite a stir in the design world. Kirei is the Japanese character signifying “clean” or “beautiful”. Much like it’s namesake, this wood alternative is environmentally and with a really interesting aesthetic.

You are probably wondering how this product compares to wood. Well, Kirei board is strong, lightweight, durable & warp resistant. It can also be used in many of the same applications as wood, for example: furniture, cabinetry, casework, wall coverings, displays & flooring. So why not just use wood? Kirei board is a sustainable, renewable resource allowing it to qualify for LEED credits.

Kirei board is manufactured from reclaimed Sorghum Straw after the harvesting season. The straw goes through a number of processes starting with washing, weaving and then through a compressing stage. The Sorghum stalks are compressed into 3’ by 6’ sheets using no-or-low added formaldehyde adhesive and thus emitting almost zero harmful VOC’s.

Kirei USA actually manufactures a variety of wood alternatives, not just Kirei board: bamboo panels, wheatboard panels (an MDF alternative), and coco tiles (made of reclaimed coconut shells). Gotta love companies like Kirei USA – creating beautiful and environmentally friendly products.

What Do You Think – Would You Put Kirei Board in Your Home or Office?

We love the idea of incorporating environmentally friendly, eco-friendly materials into our designs. If you’re looking to have your office interior designed and want to incorporate sustainable materials like Kirei board, connect with us!

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