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The thought of working in an open office cubicle setting can be a real turn-off for anyone who has done so in the past. Working in a sea of blah coloured dividers and desks, all the same size, configuration and setup is really not appealing. But times they are a-changin’! Take a look at these great products that give a contemporary twist to what once was.

Graphic panel workstation design by Global

Global’s got the right idea with their new Graphic Panel available on Boulevard & Evolve panels. This allows for ultimate customizability to work with your brand and create an atmosphere you want for your business. It would also allow employees to personalize their workstations by having them choose images that reflect themselves, their work growth hgh hormone human review reviewnet and your company.

Artopex Air Line workstation design

Artopex’s Air Line is another manufacturer to check out for contemporary workstations with flare. Like most modular office furniture manufacturers, they offer a variety of accessories to ensure your workplace is as functional as required while looking great. They’ve got some funky worktop shapes and a wide range of finishes to choose from.

Knoll Workstation Design

These workstations by Knoll have a subtle funkiness with small details that add a design appeal. They are also PVC and VOC free, and include both post-consumer and post-industrial recycled material.

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