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Interior design predictions for 2015
We predict that the bold black and white patterns that have been popular trends in fashion and product design will make their way into interiors this year. Featured above are a number of products that we feel could have inspired Lázaro Rosa-Violán’s design for the Praktik Bakery.

Our last blog entry reflected on 2014, now let’s take a look to the future at our interior design predictions for 2015. So far in 2015 we’ve seen design inspiration coming from a number of different influences globally and locally, and we predict that there won’t be one specific trend that will highlight the year like ombre did with 2013 and the industrial look did with 2014.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Lately in fashion, jewellery, and graphic design, we’ve been seeing a lot of bold, black and white graphic patterns, influenced by various folklore and traditional designs of the past. The Hatch team thinks these dynamic motifs will be big in the upcoming year and featured in more permanent, modern finishes, such as tile, carpet, lighting, and wall treatments. Some new products have already emerged that we think are absolutely stunning; we expect to be seeing them used far into 2015.

Right From Your Backyard

People are really embracing the treasures that can be found in their own backyards – or in the case of design, in their own city. There are local artisans in any location that produce real treasures, whether it’s local art, food, drinks, furniture, or lighting – any interior can include something local.

Here at Hatch, we think that using locally sourced or manufactured products can create an opportunity to be proud of your region. In the past we have used artisans, artists, found objects, or reclaimed items in our projects and found that each item is special and adds an extra layer of uniqueness that our clients love. We feel that this movement towards local support is going to become the norm in 2015 and hopefully further. With everything from around the globe being available to everyone, it’s nice to feature an item that truly reflects your region.

Grand Forks City Hall reception with locally sourced slag countertops - interior design predictions for 2015
Hatch’s own Grand Forks City Hall project, which was recently completed, exhibits concrete countertops which incorporate slag, a byproduct from the mining industry which fuelled the small community 100 years ago.

Marrying Old and New

Last year, the nod to the past was seen with the very popular industrial look. Here at Hatch, we think there will be a new movement that leans towards a more traditional styling but with a modern twist, keeping tradition current. The use of mouldings, coffered ceilings, and perhaps even a rolled arm sofa will be incorporated into the commercial space once again.

And to make it modern; fresh colours, graphic prints, and clean-lined furniture will juxtapose the traditional elements of the interior. We think this prediction would be really cool to see throughout commercial spaces, as it’s been fairly popular in some residential interiors for the last few years and creates a beautiful, refined, and layered space. Using traditional design elements will also create a sense of nostalgia that was felt with the industrial interiors of 2014.

A mixure of new and old in a design by Savvy Studio - interior design predictions for 2015, Hatch Interior Design blog
The Tomas Tea House by Savvy Studio illustrates a clean, modern aesthetic that is accented with traditional decorative mouldings for a sophisticated and classy interior.

The Feminine Touch

Lately, feminism and women’s issues have been a hot and popular topic, as seen with various news stories detailing a number of things women face each day around the world – good and bad. Feminine motifs are currently popular in fashion with the use of flowing fabrics, lace, soft colours, and floral patterns. We think these traditionally feminine designs will also show up in the interiors of 2015, particularly in restaurant and retail design.

Novotel by Constance Guisset exhibits femininity- interior design predictions for 2015, Hatch Interior Design blog
We expect to see a movement towards femininity in 2015’s commercial interiors. Constance Guisset’s design for The Suite Novotel is a great example of a soft colour palette and flowing, organic forms used to create a feminine feel.

Even Smaller?!

With real estate prices continuing to increase, we see individual work areas becoming even smaller. This makes us at Hatch predict that individual workstations will continue to decrease in size, while common work areas such as lounges, cafes, and meeting spaces will become more important in the workplace and cater to both touch down work areas and collaboration space. We foresee companies wanting to create a campus-like work interior with specific common staff areas which become multi-functional and have the potential to combine particular working tasks, such as eating and meeting; teleconferencing and focus work. The majority of the project budget will most likely be used towards these multi-tasked common areas, and the development of the ‘working lounge’ will gain popularity in 2015.

Figure 3's design for IPGmediabrand's office has great multifunctional spaces - - interior design predictions for 2015, Hatch Interior Design blog
Figure 3 provided IPG Mediabrand with a nicely designed, multi-functional space that can be used for a variety of workplace tasks.

So that’s it! What do you think of our predictions? Have any of your own? We will revisit this once again next year to see if our interior design predictions for 2015 were on the mark.

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