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Many of you may think that eco-consciousness is just a fad – like a small dog in a stylish tote. Although politicians and corporations alike have used sustainability as a well-placed accessory to boost popularity and pervade social consciousness, ‘green’ design has deeper roots than one might think.

Architecture and design is about creating safe, efficient, functional, and aesthetically beautiful spaces to enhance the well being of its occupants. So, really then, sustainable design is just good common sense, synonymous with architecture and design. Through energy efficient building techniques we can create spaces that provide cleaner air, higher levels of natural light, and even more jobs.

Sustainable Design Creates Sustainable Jobs

What, more jobs? Yes, sustainable design could help to create more work. Globally speaking, revenue from industries fighting climate change rose by 75% in 2008 and is forecast to exceed $2 trillion in the upcoming decade. That’s a lot of money, and concurrently, a lot of new employment – sustainable employment.

If you still aren’t convinced consider this: as we speak there is a push in the USA to build a new building code modeled on safe and sustainable building techniques. If ‘green’ design belongs in a building code, it’s mainstream, and here to stay. So, jump on that green bandwagon and contribute to the sustainability movement on your next project.

We Can Help Create Sustainability

Part of our interior design philosophy centres around design that is conscious of its environment. We can help create a “green” design that meets your scope and budget. Contact us to learn more.