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Award winning interior design in Vancouver
For the second consecutive year our outstanding Registered Interior Designers have won an Interior Designers Institute of BC SHINE award, this time for our Grouse River project.

We recently returned from our annual trip to Vancouver, and what an exceptional weekend it was! In addition to all the inspirational sights to see (and yummy food to eat), we were able to take some professional development courses and get a sneak peek at this year’s new products at the IDSWest trade show. However, most importantly….drumroll…for the second year in a row, we came home with some bragging rights. We’re thrilled to announce that our talented interior design team was honoured by our professional organization, the Interior Designers Institute of BC, with a prestigious award for our Grouse River retail project! Yes, it was a success by all accounts!

Because it’s been such a whirlwind, we figured we’d give ourselves a break from our typical information-rich blog posts. But we think you’ll enjoy the images below, all taken on our trip, and each featuring something that made us go “coooooool”.

Interior Design in Vancouver: DineXDesign at IDSWest 2014 by FNDA
“Shadows are free”. This is what one of our professors once reminded us. Clearly FNDA had that in mind when they designed this dineXdesign exhibit at IDSWest 2014.

Interior Design in Vancouver: Gumhead by Douglas Coupland
Ever seen Bubblegum Alley in San Luis Obispo, California? It’s gross, but really fun. Well here’s Douglas Coupland’s response. Suitably named Bubblehead, it encourages public interaction and suggests washing your hands after said interaction!

Interior Design in Vancouver: Cool building awning.
An interesting, and almost spooky, awning that looks like paper dolls as seen on a Le Chateau location in Vancouver.

Interior Design in Vancouver: Hexagon tiles at Interstyle's IDSWest 2014 Booth
Beautifully detailed hexagon tiles from the Interstyle booth at IDSWest 2014.

Interior Design in Vancouver: Had a good laugh at the cat in this ad.
We had a good laugh at the cat in the ad; certainly got our attention. Really, we would love to have been a fly on the wall when they came up with that idea. #putacatonit

Interior Design in Vancouver: Brent Comber at IDSWest 2014
Brent Comber always has something new and exciting to show at his IDSWest booths. This year it was his Hikae Soe Arrangement – a stunning grouping of shapely solid wood forms that offer perfectly balanced repetition (and look, those free shadows again). The backdrop was pretty outstanding as well.

Interior Design in Vancouver: Hand painted sign at Medina restaurant.
So refreshing to see the resurrection of a dying art, hand-painted window signs, in a hospitality interior design. Spotted at Medina cafe’s new diggs. The food was mouth watering as well.

Interior Design in Vancouver: Angela Robinson's IDSWest 2014 dineXdesign exhibit.
Angela Robinson presented something pretty special, a textural masterpiece, at IDSWest 2014. Her dineXdesign exhibit featured layers of torn white paper applied to the walls contrasted with lush ferns suspended from the ceiling. Can you say drama? Wow.

Interior Design in Vancouver: LanaBetty Designs and her 3D printed wares.
Our friend LanaBetty is cute and talented. Her unique 3D-printed wares were selling like hot cakes at IDSWest 2014.

Design in Vancouver: Fox Cabaret facade.
The Fox Cabaret is a new club in Vancouver. They renovated an old porn theatre (yep, it was North America’s last place to watch a porn film in public). Check out that pink facade! Yeah! Pssst…just between you and me, we may have enjoyed a few beverages while showing off our dance moves at their Motown party.

Interior Design in Vancouver: Harvest light fixture at Anthropologie
This custom light fixture fabricated using wheat at Anthropologie caught our eye and definitely put us in the mood to buy stuff!

Interior Design in Vancouver: Geographical tile from the Interstyle booth at IDSWest 2014
We recently stumbled across this tile by Interstyle and posted it to our Pinterest page, so it was nice to see it in person at IDSWest 2014.

Design in Vancouver: Clever Sign
There was just something about this sign – it beckoned us to take it’s photo. Somehow we were able to fit all the words in.

Interior Design in Vancouver:  Chair at Heirloom Restaurant
We were lucky enough to enjoy a lovely meal with friends in vegetarian restaurant Heirloom. The chairs were an added bonus as was the rest of the interior design by Evoke International Design.

Interior Design in Vancouver: Barber & Co.
Barber & Co. in Yaletown held our attention with their canopy of globe lighting, moody art installations and hip tattooed barbers.

Interior Design in Vancouver: Mafi Flooring
Our fingers are crossed that Sammy’s Designer Flooring hits the go-button on distributing this unique new flooring product by Mafi.

Interior Design in Vancouver: The antique sign wall at Medina Cafe.
Medina cafe managed to create a comfortable heritage space with enough detail to capture our attention away from our savory breakfasts. Check out this feature wall painted to resemble an antique sign.

Interior Design in Vancouver: Geometric light fixture at Camper.
We didn’t manage to find any new shoes at Camper, but we are sold on this geometric-shape-explosion-of-a-light-fixture.

Design in Vancouver: Colorful ornate entry.
They just don’t make building entrances like this anymore. We love how the ornate design was highlighted with colour.

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