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Design Firms in 2013 | Dropbox by Geremia
Geremia has made a name for themselves in the design community. With projects like Dropbox in 2012 (above) they were propelled into yet another successful year in 2013. We’ve got projects from their portfolio as well as, another Hatch fav, Studio Opa.

Is it just us, or have you noticed how quickly the design world moves these days? We wonder if it’s because of platforms like Pinterest increasing the public’s accessibility to emerging design trends? Because design is evolving so rapidly, it’s really fun to look back over the past year and remember the projects that have inspired us, and really, the entire interior design industry. In our last post we unveiled 3 of our top 5 interior design firms of 2013 (in no particular order), so today we thought we’d follow up with the remaining 2 – Geremia and Studio Opa.


Geremia received a lot of press this past year with features in countless magazines and blogs from Architectural Digest to designboom to Contract Magazine. It seemed like a breakthrough year for this small firm; I mean, you know you’ve made it when you’re working with the likes of Dropbox and Instagram. Here’s a look at a few of their projects from 2013.

Design Firms in 2013 - RDIO by Geremia
RDIO by Geremia is architectural, masculine, and industrial but not without their crafty signature in both the light fixture and felt acoustic wall.

Design Firms in 2013 - Hightail SF by Geremia
We really love the paper plane art installation for Hightail SF (formally You Send It) designed by Geremia. It’s these simple and thoughtful details that springboard this firm on our “best of” list.

Design Firms in 2013 - Asana by Geremia
Asana’s offices by Geremia really have a “thrown together” appeal on first glance, and then you start to see all the lovely little details.

Studio Opa

When writing our blog posts we often looked to Studio Opa for examples of our points – their work is fun, interesting and always unique. I think we first saw them featured in Dezeen a couple of years ago and have been following their projects ever since. Check out these stand-out interior design favorites from Studio Opa. We suggest you check out their website – they’ve done some amazing things in 2011 and 2012 as well.

Design Firms in 2013 - Imperial Craft Cocktail Bar by Studio Opa
Imperial, a craft cocktail bar by Studio Opa showed us how well rounded they could be. It’s so opulent, vintage and classy with an oriental flair.

Design Firm in 2013 - Jacko's Street by Studio-Opa
Completely different from the Imperial, the interior design for Jacko’s restaurant by Studio Opa has a street scape appeal, dare I say it almost feels seedy? But it works…really well.

Design Firms in 2013 - Little Italy by Studio Opa
Studio Opa‘s design for Little Italy restaurant is craftsman-classy. The architectural detail of the timber structures-slash-wine holders is genius.

Geremia and Studio Opa have done some pretty amazing things over the last few years. Both small firms with BIG design ideas making even bigger waves in the design world. We look forward to seeing their future work.

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